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  • Journal of Hypermedia & Technology-Enhanced Learning (J-HyTEL)

    The Journal of Hypermedia & Technology-Enhanced Learning (J-HyTEL) (ISSN: 2985-9166is an open-access, peer-reviewed research journal. It is a global platform that welcomes high-quality papers, including original research, review papers, best practices, and case studies. J-HyTEL focuses on hypermedia, technology-enhanced learning (TEL), information and communication technology (ICT), and related technologies in education. It covers various aspects, including online learning and teaching, software engineering, technology-enabled design, teaching projects, emerging technologies, and computer science and educational technology applications. Contributions are accepted from researchers, academicians, professionals, and practitioners worldwide.

    The accepted manuscript was written in Bahasa Indonesia or English.

    Double-blind peer review. Immediate open access. Authors retain copyright.
    Published three times a year (February, June & October).

  • J-CoSE: Journal of Community Service & Empowerment

    Journal of Community Service & Empowerment (J-CoSE) (ISSN: 2985-4032) is a multidisciplinary scientific journal that contains many general problems or issues related to community service and empowerment. J-CoSE aims to disseminate conceptual thoughts, ideas, and research results in community services: application-based high-level activities, education for sustainable development, human resources empowerment, science and technology utilization, community problem-solving, comprehensive, meaningful, and ongoing reinforcement with clear goals.

    The accepted manuscript was written in Bahasa Indonesia.

    Double-blind peer review. Immediate open access. Authors retain copyright.
    Published twice a year (February & November).